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The Yambah project comprises two Exploration Licences located 60km north and northeast of Alice Springs close to the Stuart Highway and the Adelaide-Darwin rail line. The tenements were acquired by KGL from Mithril Resources in April 2015 because of similarity with the style and age of mineralisation at the Jervois Cu-Ag project. Yambah is prospective for large scale volcanic massive sulphide (VMS) hosted base metal mineralization and has excellent exploration upside.

Malachite stained calc-silicate at Emily prospect

Geological Setting

The Yambah project is located in the Aileron Province of the Arunta Region and covers rocks of the Strangways Metamorphic Complex (SMC). The SMC is a thick package of complexly folded Palaeoproterozoic mafic and felsic granulites and metasedimentary rocks with minor granitic intrusions. It has been suggested the SMC was a package of felsic and mafic volcanics with sedimentary sequences, however intense deformation, metamorphism and alteration of the rocks and associated mineralization has obscured any primary features making conclusions on the geological setting and genesis of the mineralization difficult.

Previous Exploration

Previous exploration at Yambah focused on several base metal prospects that have been interpreted to be volcanic massive sulphide of the ‘Oonagalabi’ style. Other Oonagalabi style prospects in the region include Johnnies Reward, Edwards Creek and Utnalanama.

At the Yambah project the most advanced prospect is Red Rock Bore (formerly Coles Hill) on EL28175 (Harry Creek) where drilling was previously conducted by Pasminco. Mineralisation is hosted by magnetite-quartzite that has a strike length of over 1km. The best intersection was 13.35m @ 3.3% Zn, 0.5% Pb from 131m in hole RRK031 including 1m @ 13.6% Zn from 132.3m.

The Rankins prospect on EL2827 (Bald Hill) has exposures of ironstone/gossan over a strike length of 1km. One of the ironstones is coincident with a mid-time electromagnetic conductor that has not been drilled. Two holes drilled under a shaft sunk on an ironstone ridge by Central Pacific Minerals in 1971 returned a best intersection of 1.9m @ 2.5% Pb and 1.2% Zn with up to 20% magnetite-pyrite in drill hole PH NT 17-5.

Other prospects include Gecko and Turners. At Gecko rock chips contained up to 19.55% Cu, 0.86% Zn, 25g/t Ag and 0.26g/t Au. Grab samples at Turners contained up to 11.85% Cu, 34.4g/t Au and 36.8g/t Au.

Calc-silicate/ gossanous ridge at Dawn prospect

KGL Exploration

KGL has compiled previous exploration on the Yambah project and commenced fieldwork. Several basemetal stream sediment anomalies were generated by a regional survey conducted by BHP in the 1980s but were not field checked. Field checking by KGL resulted in the discovery of two new prospects named Dawn and Emily. At both prospects there are marbles, calcsilicates, ironstone and gossan with occasional malachite (copper) occurrences that extend for over 500m. Preliminary rock chips sampling returned values up to 1.5% Zn and 0.58% Cu. No previous exploration has been conducted at either prospect.

Next Steps

Previous exploration companies have completed early stage exploration on the Yambah project, however significant potential remains for the discovery of a large stratabound sulphide deposit.

Reconnaissance level exploration is planned to progress the existing and new prospects to a drill ready status. Fieldwork will include detailed mapping, rock chip sampling and geophysical surveys. Reconnaissance level exploration will also be conducted with the aim of locating additional mineralised trends.

Figure 1 Yambah Project – Location plan

Figure 2 EL28271 (Bald Hill) showing location of base metal prospects

Figure 3 EL28175 (Harry Creek) showing the location of the Red Rock Bore prospect

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